CIF 28th International Conference in Finland 2009

Conference theme: DIALOGUE - A means to increase mutual understanding and peace.
Time: August 3-8, 2009
Place: Kiljava, Nurmijärvi (Finland)

Tuesday 4 August 2009

Plenum 1
The development of welfare services in Finland: following foreign examples and making national choices
Professor Jorma Sipilä,

Plenum 2
Listening in to minorities in societal dialogue
Professor Tom Moring


A Actual challenges and the role of social work concerning inside immigration in European countries

Moderator: Ritva Creutz


Vuolasranta, Miranda (Finland) in dialogue with Bollström, Unelma and Henry (Finland)

Current questions based on experiences from the Roma on the road – project
Leinonen, Tuomo (Finland)

Comments by participants from EU countries are desired

B Working with children and adolescents – different perspectives

Moderator: Marja Luukkonen, CIF


BDM Baby Dance Method® - Dialogical understanding in very early infancy
Määttänen, Kirsti (Finland)

Invitation to an open dialogue on child psychiatry: Our roles as social workers in collaborative practices - conversations that make a difference
Stengård, Stina (Finland)

Our journey into, through and beyond our social work careers
Parsons, Bob (UK)

C Elderly care and Palliative care

Moderator: Sanna Liikanen, CIF


How to involve elderly people and to care for them. (The Tanzania Experience)
Katala, Helen (Tanzania)

How is a social worker’s agency visible in meeting with an elderly client in a rehabilitation context? – An ethnographic case study from a rehabilitation centre
Krokfors, Ylva (Finland)

Dialogue with palliative patients
Athavia, Iva, NGO-CPAA (India)

D Families needing support

Moderator: Merja Niemelä, CIF


Family Support Services: A Response to the needs of Chicagoland’s Ethnic Community
Merchant, Munira & Sufi, Shamim (USA)

Measuring good parenthood and family rehabilitation in Sahakoski family support center
Hartikainen, Katriina & Siimes-Tiainen, Sini (Finland)

Domestic violence and motherhood – a view to non-residential mothers’ life stories
Nousiainen, Kirsi, Socca - Centre of Expertise on Social Welfare in the Metropolitan Area (Finland)

E Memory Club – Generations in dialogue: The CIF experience during six decades and visions for the future

Moderator: Elke Kruse, CIF & Susanne Holmström, CIF


International exchange in social work: developments, experiences and impacts. Report on a current research project about the ‘CIF’
Kruse, Elke (Germany)

The experience of CIP in a Finnish perspective during five decades
Holmström, Susanne (Finland)

Commentary presented by a Representative of the Embassy of the United States of America

F Practice research in social work

Moderator: Ilse Julkunen


Introduction to the theme: Practice research – a new winning concept with old and solid roots
Julkunen, Ilse (Finland)

The dialogue of social work practice and research - Heikki Waris Institute as a model of collaboration of the City of Helsinki and the University of Helsinki
Kananoja, Aulikki, email (Finland)

Prospective adoptive parents and professionals in the adoption process
Eriksson, Pia (Finland)

G Lament workshop

Moderator: Pirkko Fihlman, CIF


Lament workshop (1st day of two)
Fihlman, Pirkko (Finland)

H Rehabilitation

Moderator: Marja-Liisa Heiskanen, CIF


Disability, rehabilitation, and dialogue – a Finnish perspective
Vilkkumaa, Ilpo (Finland)

Peer counselling for spinal cord injured persons during rehabilitation – in between professionality and voluntary action
Vauramo, Mirja (Finland)

A severely disabled spinal cord injured person as employer for a personal assistant
Koikkalainen, Matti (Finland)

I 1+1>2 - Using free web tools for Communication and Promotion


1+1>2 - Using free web tools for Communication and Promotion
Holmqvist, Karin, Från tanke till tal /CIF-Sweden (Sweden)

Wednesday 5 August 2009

Plenum 3

Dialogue In Professional Social Work Presentation
Senior lecturer Anna Metteri & Dr. Kaarina Mönkkönen, website

Plenum 4

How to foster dialoguing in uncertain situations
Professor Tom Erik Arnkil


J Dialogue and disability issues

Moderator: Marja-Liisa Heiskanen, CIF Abstract


Accessibility is a human right
Könkkölä, Maija (Finland)

Harvinaiset – The Finnish Network for Rare Diseases
Paajanen, Saara & Mölsä, Pia (Finland) - personal assistance for people with disabilities
Toikkanen, Terhi (Finland)

K Dialogue and understanding questions of peace and war

Moderator: Seija Stocklin, CIF & Susanne Holmström, CIF


Japan’s War – Renouncing Constitution
Takeuchi, Kazutoshi (Japan)

Finnish war children as adults – what happened later?
Kaven, Pertti (Finland)
Pertti Kaven, Doctoral student, accepted for doctorial studies at the Department of History, Faculty of Arts, Helsinki university 2004. Writing a doctoral dissertation on the political factors involved in decision-making process of evacuations of Finnish children to Sweden during the Winter-war (1939-40) and the Continuation-war (1941-44).

Experiences of a refugee of war

L Self-care and burnout prevention for human services professionals

Moderator: Arja Huttunen, CIF


Self-care for human service workers (2 hrs)
Rombouts, Ernestine J. (USA)

Burnout prevention among therapists. Who takes care of the caretaker?
Ziv, Yaron (Israel)

M Social work issues in health care

Moderator: Johanna Björkenheim, CIF


Dialogue with cervical cancer patients in grief
Athavia, Iva, NGO-CPAA (India)

Carrying out social assessments with patients at an acute psychiatric ward
Hallén, Charlotta, HUS Jorv Hospital, email (Finland)

A biographical approach for social work in health and mental health
Björkenheim, Johanna (Finland)

N Sibshop as a method

Moderator: Lucy Bennett, CIF


Working with siblings of children with special needs
Bennett, Lucy (Ireland)

O Dialogue in mental health and psychiatry

Moderator: Dorrit Hoffman, CIF


Positive mental health and First Aid as a civil skill - education in mental health
Okkonen, Eila (Finland)

Emotions, thought and body in Dialogue
Söderholm, Tor-Erik (Finland)

How to use Anticipation dialogues in practice
Österlund, Eivor & Johansson-Juup, Kerstin (Finland)

P Lament workshop (same as Tuesday)

Moderator: Pirkko Fihlman, CIF


(2nd day of two) Presentation same as Tuesday
Fihlman, Pirkko (Finland)

Q Addictions – help, treatment and defining problems

Moderator: Peter Sandström, CIF


Working with family members of substance abusers - reflexive knowledge production in groups
Fagerström, Katarina (Finland)

From virtual chaos to healing processes – Addiction help lines on the web
A study of Virtual therapy
Sandström, Peter (Finland)

Problem gambling – a public health concern or a not notable disorder?
Kämppi, Jenni, University of Helsinki, english (Finland)

R I 1+1>2 - Using free web tools for Communication and Promotion


1+1>2 - Using free web tools for Communication and Promotion
Holmqvist, Karin, Från tanke till tal /CIF-Sweden (Sweden)